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A Boy Named Charlie Brown

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

  • IMDb Puanı 7.3
  • Yapım Yılı 1969
  • Ülke
Oy ortalaması: 7.0/10 - 1 kullanıcı
Senin Oyun: - / 10
Senaryo Charles M. Schulz
The lovable characters from the popular comic strip by Charles M. Schulz appear in this full-length feature. The perennial failure Charlie Brown attends the National Spelling Bee and manages the worst sandlot team in the history of baseball. Linus loses and retrieves his security blanket. Snoopy the beagle dances wildly and plays shortstop. The irascible Lucy Van Pelt tricks Charlie Brown into kicking the football, but at the last minute she pulls it back and sends him flying onto his back. Although he loses the spelling bee, his friends gladly welcome Charlie Brown back to town upon his return. Nearly two-dozen songs are included. The characters remain true to the original works of Schulz, and great care was taken in matching the appropriate voices to the character's personalities. This is the first of many successful animated features of the gang from Peanuts.